The Seminarian The Student News Site of Poland Seminary High School Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:17:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 National Signing Day showcases Poland athletes Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:16:12 +0000 Carolyn Boccieri commits to University of Mount Union for Soccer

On Wednesday, February 5, also known as National Signing Day, five Poland seniors signed their letters of intent in front of friends, family, and administrators. Among them was senior Carolyn Boccieri who committed to the University of Mount Union. She will be joining the Raiders to play for the women’s soccer team. 

Upon visiting the school Boccieri said, “I loved the coaching staff and meeting some of my future teammates.”

Boccieri has been a part of the PSHS soccer team for the past four years and was captain this past season. When deciding on Mount Union, she liked the small size of the university and thought it was the perfect distance from home. 

“Mount Union was everything I was looking for in academics and athletics. There is such a strong sense of community within the university,” she said.

Next year, Boccieri is looking forward to meeting new people and playing with her team. She is planning on obtaining a degree relating to health sciences. 

Next Stop for Gianna Stanich Purdue University of Fort Wayne for Cross Country

Recently,  Gianna Stanich, senior at Poland Seminary High School,  signed with Purdue University of Fort Wayne. After having an extremely successful final cross country season, she is headed to continue her cross country and track and field career at Purdue. Individually qualifying to the state cross country tournament and helping the rest of the team qualify was definitely one of her biggest accomplishments of her senior year. It is exciting for her to bring that energy into the next level. 

We sat down with Gianna to ask her a few questions regarding her acceptance to Purdue.  The senior is excited to be able to continue her cross country career at Purdue. 

Stanich said, “Yes I’m very excited, the coaching staff and the team is very nice. I’m really looking forward to continuing. My passion is for running. I’m going to be in season all the time; I’m in indoor running, outdoor running, and cross country,” said Stanich.

The all star athlete is also excited to open a new chapter in her life with her decision to go to Purdue. 

Stanich said, “Well, I was looking between YSU and Purdue, but I made my final decision with Purdue because I was looking for something new and meet new people.”

Stanich is planning on majoring in something with science and then continuing her education at a PA school. We wish her the best of luck in her career.

With all of her victories and successes, we know that Gianna will have an amazing time furthering her running. Her teammates and coaches are all so excited for her and all wish her well. 

KaiLi Gross commits to Case Western Reserve for Softball

Senior softball player KaiLi Gross announced her commitment to Case Western Reserve University on Wednesday, February 5.

When asked what made her choose this school, she explained it was an easy pick for her. “

Their academics are great; the softball coaches I really liked, and the environment was very positive. They all have the same goals there,” said Gross.

Gross said that she did an overnight stay, and that’s what helped her in the process of committing. 

“I did an overnight and the girls were super nice and welcoming. Although the school is division three, it’s very large and open in the city of Cleveland,” she said. 

Gross plans to major in chemical or biomedical engineering and says she looks forward to having a fun and successful senior season with her teammates in the spring.  

Mason McCurdy signs with the Blue Streaks for Baseball

Mason McCurdy, a senior at Poland Seminary High School, recently signed to continue his baseball career at John Carroll University. 

He said, “Playing in college is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was young, playing the game I love, and it got me into a great institution that with hard work will set me up well for my future.” 

McCurdy’s friends and family will be the first to tell you how much he has loved baseball and how hard he has worked for this moment since he was a kid.

McCurdy’s piece of advice to kids wanting to play at the next level is to “just keep working, and it will happen. Those times when nobody is watching, and you’re out putting in the extra work are the most important times, and those times will show.”

McCurdy chose JCU over the many different places he could have decided on. 

He emphasized, “When I went up there it felt like home, it just felt like a good fit; sometimes, I guess you just know.”

We look forward to seeing McCurdy on the baseball field this spring with our Bulldogs, and we wish him the best of luck with his career as a John Carroll Blue Streak.

Allyson Nittoli signs with Mount Union for softball

Senior softball player Allyson Nittoli has announced her commitment to the University of Mount Union on Wednesday, February 5.

Nittoli was asked why she has chosen this school out of a couple different options. 

“I really liked the campus, and I seemed to fit in well. I had a few options although I chose the school that made me feel most at home,” said Nittoli.

 Nittoli explained that she has visited the school over three times along with an overnight. 

“Yes, I did an overnight and spent the weekend with the softball team. The team was very funny and chill, while the coaches were also very welcoming.” 

Nittoli plans to major in special education or early childhood education. She talks about the upcoming softball season. 

“I would like to have a fun season with all my teammates as a captain. Also, I would like to go further than the previous season and win state.”

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Got Blood? Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:07:27 +0000 The Annual PSHS Blood Drive is coming up and student council is starting to prepare. If you’re planning on giving blood and don’t know how, here’s what to know.

When it comes to the blood drive, many people might not know how much preparation goes into it. Mrs. Lunevich, the student council adviser, explains how student council isn’t the only group involved, and it is not so simple.

“Every year, the Red Cross contacts us; they pick a date, and we make sure it works, and if it does, then they send out all of their materials like advertising materials and things like that, and I assign student council, making sure all of the lunch sign ups are covered, and student council officers are required to work the day of the blood drive we have tables set up and make sure everything runs smoothly and try to stay on time as much as we can stay on time.”

Overall, student council works hard to prepare for this event with the help of Interact Club members.

With everything set up and ready to go the day of the blood drive, students may be anxious, and they may not know how to prepare. 

According to Mrs. Lunevich, simply just don’t skip any meals.

Besides yourself, there are a few things that you’ll have to bring with you.

For all students, you’ll have to bring some sort of ID. However, for students under 18, not only will you need ID, but you will also need a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian that you’ll either have to bring with you the day you give blood or give it to Mrs. Lunevich beforehand.

What about after donating blood?

Lunevich said, “Most students after that 15 minutes of relaxing and having a snack, go back to class with no problem.”

Last year, the blood drive had 40 students sign up to donate; however, because of certain requirements, like weight, height, and iron levels, only 19 were able to give blood.

Even if you think you won’t meet the requirements, sign up and find out because giving blood can make a big difference to people in need .

I feel as long as we have a lot of students attempting to donate, then I call that a win.”

So if you’re thinking about donating, take in consideration all the information and also remember that you can opt out at any time. 

Keep an eye out for sign ups.

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An insight on Academic Challenge Tue, 04 Feb 2020 16:04:30 +0000 Students are encouraged to join a great academic opportunity 

Many students take part in Poland Seminary High School’s Academic Challenge Team and for great reasons too. The Academic Challenge team offers many learning opportunities as well as a fun extracurricular activity. 

The team has a very long history, the three most recent coaches include Ms. Rinehart, Mrs. Ross, and current coach, Mr. Suchora.

Suchora states, “I’m just part of a long succession of a long and proud tradition, so we were good for a long time; the,n we’ve had rebuilding years and better years.” 

Academic Challenge is much like the popular trivia game show Jeopardy, and it is a small but strong team.

For those who may be thinking about joining, Suchora explains, “if you pride yourself in your intellectual athleticism. If you tend to be somebody who enjoys trivia. If you’re somebody who knows a lot of things about a lot of things. If you like to play Jeopardy and impress your family with the width and breadth of your knowledge-obscure knowledge at that, or current events, then Academic Challenge is kind of right up your alley.”

As for the students involved with the Academic Challenge team, they are all having a good time with it, and agree that it is a good experience. 

Junior, Avery Doctor states, “Academic Challenge is a lot of fun; it’s very low stress, and there’s quite a few things that you don’t know, so you get to learn some fun facts, and you don’t have to worry about messing up.” 

Getting involved with the team is not very hard either; all it takes is a quick visit to Mr. Suchora’s classroom. Although many of the current competitors were advised to join by some of their older friends. 

“So all of my brother’s friends, when I was a freshman, and they were seniors, wanted more freshmen to join, so they saw me as a younger sibling, so I got roped into it,” explains senior Philip Hockensmith. 

Hockensmith said that as the years went on, he grew to like it more and more. Stating that the more knowledge you have makes it more entertaining and you feel more accomplished. 

Sophomore Hope Sines was also advised by a friend to join and has had a good experience with the team. 

“It’s fun, I like it! I like the people too!” said Sines .

The team may be small, but the knowledge they all present at meets prevails and makes them all the more competitive.

Suchora elaborates, “Our kids are competitive. I tend to be less competitive because I’d rather everybody just have fun.” 

The tournaments are pretty simple as well. They play two games. Each game is 24 questions. Five seconds to answer a question once buzzed in, and 10 seconds to answer a math question. 

Practices are quite similar, by acquiring more knowledge about certain subjects through playing old games, and practicing buzzing in, and keeping time. 

Any student who is interested in joining the Academic Challenge team is highly encouraged to do so!

Hope Sines concludes by saying, “Join Academic Challenge!” 

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PSHS Guide to Scheduling Mon, 03 Feb 2020 16:17:46 +0000 Believe it or not, it is almost that time of year again to start things about next year’s schedules. For some, this might be no big deal, but for most, this could be a pretty stressful process.

With the assistance of one of our guidance counselors, Mrs.Calderon, I have all the things you’ll need to know about the upcoming scheduling and how to make it less stressful for everyone. 

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself is “how should I prepare?” and the answer is pretty simple: pay attention.

Mrs. Calderon laid the whole process out:

 “We will come into your English classes, and we have presentations that we’ll go over with each grade level, and with each grade grade level, there are different requirements that the students may need, so we’ll have a presentation with all 9th graders, 10th, an 11th, and then following that, we do individual meetings with the students to see if they have any questions or concerns about their schedule.”

Now, for all the new freshmen, this might seem overwhelming and confusing; however, the guidance counselors know exactly how to help. They will guide students in the right direction to everything from testing to graduation requirements.

There is a lot to consider for every grade, but there is one thing that Mrs. Calderon thinks should be number one:

 “Students should take into consideration possibly looking ahead to what they’re going to do after high school, so if there are certain classes that meet their interest, it is good to sign up for those classes that match the needs of the student.”

For some of you, you might be thinking, “I finished all my credits, so my next year(s) will be easy!”

However, this is a misconception. With all your high school credits done that frees up time to work on college preparation. 

Mrs. Calderon’s advice is to think ahead for what colleges will notice on your transcript.

She said, “Look at electives that haven’t been taken previously that will help fill the schedule, but seniors also have to keep in mind that they’ll be going through the college application process, and if they are applying to schools, they [college admissions] still have to see that they’re taking rigorous courses to see that their senior schedule isn’t just too easy.”

For all grades, to make the process easier look at any new classes, first. For instances, look at classes that haven’t been available to certain grade levels yet and classes that are new for the whole school. Pay attention during the presentations, and if one is still having trouble, simply ask questions.

Mrs. Calderon and Mr. Vagas are always available to help, and they will have the answers to any concerns one may have for any class, old or new. 

If one is still stressed, don’t worry because Mrs.Calderon has some pretty simple advice.

She said, “With scheduling, just be aware of the add/drop dates. If you don’t get scheduled into a class you had originally requested or if you have a change that you want to make, meet with Mr.Vagas or I prior to that 10 day drop date, or as soon as you know you want to change it; I think we can help make that less stressful.”

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The College Football Playoff National Championship Fri, 10 Jan 2020 19:58:15 +0000 The College Football Playoff National Championship is approaching, and for the first time since 2014, the Alabama Crimson Tide will not be making an appearance in the title game.  After the Crimson Tide suffered a loss in their last regular season game to Auburn, they failed to make the playoffs and to contend for yet another national title.

LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson all went undefeated and won their respective conferences to secure themselves a spot in the playoffs.  Only enduring one loss this season, Oklahoma clinched the fourth seed after winning their conference.

The Committee named the undefeated SEC Champion, LSU, as the number one ranked team in the country, which set them up against the fourth seeded Oklahoma. LSU and their high-powered offense, led by Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow, got off to a fast start and never let their foot off the pedal. Burrow threw for seven touchdowns in the first half alone which prompted the 63-28 final score as the LSU Tigers rolled past the Oklahoma Sooners.

The undefeated The Clemson Tigers, ACC Champions, were given the third seed and played the second seeded Ohio State Buckeyes in a game that was much closer than the first playoff game and came down to the final seconds. The Buckeyes took a 16-0 lead early on until Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence took charge and led a Clemson comeback, as the Tigers scored with just under two minutes remaining to win 29-23 and advance to their fourth championship appearance in the last five years.

After LSU’s strong semi-final performance, there are questions as to whether Clemson’s defense can stop Joe Burrow. Clemson is a team with experience in this position, and if we learned anything from last year’s National Championship Game, in which Clemson dismantled heavily-favored Alabama 44-16, it is to never count out Coach Dabo Swinney and his Clemson Tigers.

The National Championship will be aired on ESPN on Monday, January 13, 2020 at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana at 8 p.m.

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College Football Playoff Thu, 26 Dec 2019 21:26:49 +0000 The College Football Playoff is approaching, and for the first time in the new playoff system’s six year existence, the Alabama Crimson Tide will not be making an appearance.  After the Crimson Tide suffered a loss in the last game of the regular season to Auburn, doors opened up to multiple one-loss teams to sneak into the playoffs.

LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson all went undefeated and won their respective conferences to just about guarantee each of them a spot in the playoffs. This left one-loss teams such as Utah, Oklahoma, and Baylor not only playing for a conference title, but for a possible bid in the College Football Playoffs.

After Utah was blown out in the Pac-12 Championship by Oregon, and Oklahoma defeated Baylor in overtime in the Big-12 Championship, the College Football Playoff Committee was left with little choice, obviously putting Oklahoma in the playoffs.

The Committee named the undefeated SEC Champion, LSU, as the number one ranked team in the country, which sets them up against the fourth seeded Oklahoma. This will be a game highlighted by talented quarterbacks in LSU’s Heisman winner Joe Burrow and Oklahoma’s two-time Heisman semifinalist Jalen Hurts.

 LSU’s defense has held strong against some of the highest-powered offenses in the country this year behind safety Grant Delpit, who was recently given the award for best defensive back in the country. After nearly allowing 50 points in last year’s College Football Playoff loss, Oklahoma has a revamped defense this year who is looking to create problems for the Heisman winning quarterback.

After being granted the second seed, the undefeated Big-10 Champion Ohio State Buckeyes will face the third ranked undefeated ACC Champion Clemson Tigers. This is another game with two highly touted quarterbacks in Ohio State’s Justin Fields and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. Ohio State’s defense features Chase Young, a defensive-end who is arguably the best defensive player in college football, if not the best overall player.

Ohio State is trying to erase the bad taste left in their mouth from their last College Football Playoff trip after the Clemson Tigers handily beat the Buckeyes 31-0. Clemson’s head coach Dabo Swinney wants to have his team, who won two of the last three national championships, to leave the past in the past and focus on the task at hand.

LSU and Oklahoma will meet on Saturday, December 28th at 4 p.m. in the Peach Bowl at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ohio State and Clemson will play on December 28th at 8 p.m. in the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

The winners of these two will face off in the National Championship on January 13, 2020 at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana at 8 p.m.

All three of the College Football Playoff games will be aired on ESPN.

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Poland Hosts Annual Speech and Debate Tournament Wed, 18 Dec 2019 16:22:29 +0000 Every year, the Poland Speech and Debate team hosts a local tournament. Speech events are held at the Poland Middle School and McKinley Elementary School, and debate events are held at Poland Seminary High School. 

This year, around 17 schools were in attendance, including our own speech and debate team.

The tournament ran smoothly and finished with two placings from Poland. 

Junior Braxton Jones places Sixth in Declamation, which is a speech event. 

Winning three out of four rounds, Senior Ashlin Rabindra placed Second in Lincoln Douglas, which is a debate event.

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Lamport Shares Thanksgiving Message Tue, 10 Dec 2019 16:04:17 +0000 On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, students of Poland Seminary High School gathered to attend the annual Thanksgiving Assembly given by their elected class officers Andrew Slaven, Amelia Mason, Jayin Kaden, and Nina Matzye and former PSHS teacher and coach, Reid Lamport. Mr. Lamport gave a keynote speech to the students and focused the speech on being aware of who you are thankful for and thanking them. 

When asked how he feels being given the opportunity to come back to Poland High School to speak to the students, Lamport said, “Awesome. The feeling never goes away to be around young and energetic people. That’s why I love coming back here and talking to the football team. It pumps me up to see young people excited about school and sports.”  

Lamport emphasized the importance of not only being thankful for the things one has, but also the people in one’s life. As he spoke, Lamport pulled out an hourglass to show how time moves faster than people think, so it is essential to thank those who you are thankful for when you have the chance. 

“It takes us being intentional to [express thanks] because we feel thankful, but it’s difficult sometimes to express that feeling, so we need to look for ways in which to express our thanks giving to others,” he said.

Mr. Lamport retired from teaching after 37 years and coaching football in 2011. Shortly after, in 2012, he retired from coaching softball. He now serves as a full time pastor at the Church of the Rock. 

Lamport says, “It is great being a full time pastor. I miss coaching, I miss the interaction with the kids, the competition and adrenaline rush you get from competing, but doing what I am doing I feel called, that this is what I’m to do and I am very thankful for being able to serve God in the capacity that I do.”

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The Poland Players Start Off With a Bang Tue, 10 Dec 2019 15:57:03 +0000 The Poland Players of Poland Seminary High School have done it again.  They gave another outstanding performance of another dazzling performance.

The entire cast gave it their all, and it showed. Every line was delivered with confidence, and every punch line was fast. The audience could definitely see how much work and dedication the cast put into this performance. 

The same can be said for a well oiled machine that is called the stage crew.  Everyone behind the curtain knew every props place on stage and made sure that everything went smoothly to keep the play rolling

The play had so many twists and turns. It made it diffcult to try to predict the murder, but that was the whole point of the plot of the play. It definitely kept everyone in the audience on the edge of their seats.

Everyone’s eyes were glued onto the stage watching the whirlwind of a play unfold. The question in everyone’s mind was definitely, who did it?  There was no way of telling who actually did it, the cast portrayed their roles so realistically that the question was eating at the audience.

The play overall was amazing and one not to forget. It was something that the Poland Players have not done before, but it was hands down one of the best plays they have done. 

The Poland Players are working on their new Spring play The Addams Family . So, be sure to come out and show some support to these amazing actors, actresses, and the stage crew. They work so incredibly hard to achieve the great work they produce.

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A Goodbye to One of Poland’s Finest Tue, 19 Nov 2019 16:03:58 +0000 One of our most loved staff members are leaving us in January of this year.

Mrs. Hobart is planning her retirement for the middle of this year after 30 years of working in the Poland School District, starting in the elementary schools in 1989 and then transferring to Poland Seminary High School in August of 1995.

When asked why she decided to switch from McKinley Elementary to PSHS, her answer was very simple: PSHS offered her a full time job which wasn’t available to her at McKinley at the time.

Although we all know Mrs. Hobart as the secretary that we go to for information, it might come as a surprise to know that she wasn’t always a secretary. 

When Mrs. Hobart first started working for Poland Schools, she was hired as a monitor; before then, she worked in the library and the computer lab at McKinley.

We all know how hard Mrs. Hobart works and how much she does to help everyone, and she was finally recognized for her hard work when she received The Distinguished Staff Member award.

Mrs. Hobart was anonymously nominated for this award earlier this year but was selected by the Poland Schools Foundation. The award was presented to her at the Poland Foundation Dinner where colleagues of Hobart’s spoken on her behalf.

 “A memorable moment for me would have to be the award I just got; that was really neat. Mrs. Volosin introduced me and spoke a little bit about me before I got the award and so did Mr. Janofa.”

Mrs. Hobart may be leaving us, but she wants the students to know that she will miss us.

“I would like them to know that I enjoyed working with the people at PSHS, and I’m going to miss them, but not too much! February, I’m going to Disney World.”

She may be leaving us, but she’s also leaving us with something too. 

“I feel lucky to be able to leave on my own terms.  I am retiring from work, not from life!”

So, make sure to say your goodbyes and say thank you to Mrs. Hobart for putting so much hard work into her job and making our lives easier without us even knowing.

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, Mrs. Hobart. Enjoy every second of it.

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